Yo Future

A wilderness of youth in flocks and herds, gigantic gift horses and false prophecies.

What does the future hold? Amidst images of melting icebergs, riots, oil spills – how might a young generation feel about taking the reins?

This community project zeroes in on the fears and fascinations of the Millennial generation.

A dynamic and exciting piece of theatre that captures well the underlying unease of our times... an imagination of what everybody knows but chooses to ignore.”
— Laurie Atkinson, The Dominion Post 2011


This production is re-cast for each season using young performers found locally.  The original devising cast was made up of members of the Long Cloud Youth Theatre company in Wellington 2011:

Emanuelle Bains 
Frankie Berge
Mitchell Bernard
Kate Burry
Lily della Porta 
Daniel Emms  

Mae Grant 
Patrick Hunn 
Tom Kereama 
Jared Kirkwood 
Sebastian Maddox 
Lewis McLeod

Grace Morgan-Riddell 
Nino Raphael 
George Ritchie 
Laura Robinson 
Freya Sadgrove 

Ana Scotney 
Oscar Shaw 
Emma Simons 
Vicky Struthers 
Hannah Wilson 


Matt Eller (sound design), Alice Hill (design), Show Pony (production).


Natasha James (lighting design), Emma Nicholls (design), Sophie Dowson (production management), Vicki Cooksley (production management), Ria Simmons (production assistance), Aaron Cortesi & Stella Reid (Long Cloud Youth Theatre).

Production History:

Jo Randerson created this work in 2011 with Long Cloud Youth Theatre company as the community project for her Masters in Theatre Arts at Te Kura Toi Whakaari. 

Barbarian Productions received CNZ Arts Grant funding to re-mount the work for Wairarapa's Kokomai Festival in 2013 and will present seasons in 2014 at the Hamilton Gardens Summer Festival, the Southland Festival of the Arts and TAPAC in Auckland.  

Yo Future is uniquely designed for touring to maintain its community-based principles.  With each new season, Jo Randerson takes a devising framework to a new group of young people and works with them to shape a piece of theatre that reflects their own fears and fascinations, the theatre they want to see, while developing their performance skills alongside an iconic professional theatre-maker.