Soft N Hard

In the preposterous world of Soft N Hard, the curtains are so beautiful you can get lost in them, taking a shower is so deep you need a wetsuit, and the view in the mirror is simply breathtaking.

Jo Randerson and Thomas LaHood are the creative team behind Barbarian Productions and real life wife ‘n’ husband. Man ‘n’ woman. Clown ‘n’ genius. Together they run their theatre business, create their art, and raise their two children. Their lives are inextricably intertwined.
A year or so ago Jo was working on a solo performance about how women have to hold themselves to accommodate others, and Thomas was working on a solo performance about how men hardly have to do anything at all. So inevitably, they decided they should explore both sides live on stage. What could possibly go wrong?

Thomas and Jo have approached the fraught territory of gender posturing with characteristically outrageous humour and courageous self-expression. Soft N Hard is visually extravagant, hugely fun, and completely absurd.