comedy. Costume. difficult conversation.

Soft N Hard has performed sell-out seasons at BATS Theatre, Wellington in 2017 and 2018.

Soft N Hard

In the preposterous world of Soft N Hard, the curtains are so beautiful you can get lost in them, taking a shower is so deep you need a wetsuit, and the view in the mirror is simply breathtaking.

Jo Randerson and Thomas LaHood are the creative team behind Barbarian Productions and real life wife ‘n’ husband. Together they run their theatre business, create their art, and raise their two children. This real-life power-couple fumble their way through the fraught territory of gender posturing in this visually extravagant, hugely fun, and completely absurd show...

... what could possibly go wrong?

Randerson and LaHood are incredibly skilled performers. They’re completely in control but they’re fantastic at creating chaos, and air of risk, that anything could happen.
— Hannah Banks, Pantograph Punch

Nominated for the Excellence Award for Design for Full Production Design at the Wellington Theatre Awards 2017.