Sing It To My Face

An intergenerational confrontation through song, a community conversation, a non-religious congregation.

Sing It To My Face is an inter-generational music theatre project featuring volunteer local singers. Four different generational choirs will let each other know how they really feel about society in a stylised, theatrical performance of a fully scored choral arrangement.

After successful seasons in Wellington, the Wairarapa and Nelson, local singers of all ages from Wanaka will be the next to participate in the Sing It To My Face experience.


Jo Randerson (artistic direction), Julian Raphael (musical direction), Gina Moss (Producer), Thomas LaHood (marketing design).

Production History:

Sing It To My Face premiered at the Wellington Cathedral of St. Paul as part of their 50th Jubilee celebrations in 2014. It is currently touring and will appear next at the Festival of Colour, Wanaka in March 2017.