Peeling Back the Paint

In the art gallery space, the artists sit down with the critic to conduct a forum.

Pottery is smashed.  Identities are challenged.  Artists come together in emancipated song. 

Peeling Back The Paint is a 60 minute art forum satire, performed in art galleries. 

Scarily accurate performances and great comic timing… We’re left to wonder what is art and what isn’t, what is acting and what is real.
— Sunday Star Times, New Zealand, 2002


Jo Randerson - Shirley Baring

Jackie Van Beek - Michelle St. de Ville

Jeremy Randerson - John Caxton-Smythe


Melanie Hamilton (production).

Production History:

Peeling Back the Paint won the Best Comedy award at the 2002 Wellington Fringe Festival and has been performed in Nelson, Dunedin, Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland.