Jo Randerson's Skazzle Dazzle

An alien king leaves three of her progeny on Earth in a sort of existential experiment.  Will they hatch?  And into what?

This 55minute highly original, non-stop variety-style theatre-comedy show featuring stand-up, song, dance, puppetry and wig-work represents the culmination of Jo Randerson's solo performances that began with Banging Cymbal, Clanging Gong.

Here, an array of strange characters take the stage:  A wounded hairy beast, a forsaken priest, a ribbon dancer, a choleric comedian with a chicken puppet.  They are as different as you could hope to imagine, but they are united in their vulnerability and their search for what it means to be human.

Suitable for misfits and rejects as well as confident, balanced individuals.

She strips humour down to its bare bones; so bare it simply shouldn’t be funny any more…Yet despite being completely devoid of romance, her humour is foolproof. She’s shrewd wit on a stick, drollness on P.
— The Source 2005


Jo Randerson


Melanie Hamilton (production), Ben Crowder (direction), Darryl Wrightson (performance), Robrecht Ghesquiere (design), Thomas LaHood (performance).

Production History:

The show premiered at the 2005 ODDFELLOWS NZ International Comedy Festival, with a sold-out season at Wellington's BATS Theatre and a tour to Auckland's Silo Theatre.  Jo Randerson's performance won her a nomination for the Billy T Award.

Jo Randerson's Skazzle-Dazzle had a repeat sold-out Wellington season in March 2006, and then toured to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in April 2006.