Help Us Change!

An outreach team of Grim Reapers are sent by their home company to conduct surveys about their public image and the services they provide.

Over a period of time the Grim Reapers change their appearance and manner to try and reflect the public's suggestions.

The Reapers struggle to change - as do many people, ideologies and organisations in the modern world.  Their surveys invoke a public discussion both about the value of change and our relationship to death in modern society.  By attempting to adopt social media skills and using a V-log website the Grim Reapers attempt to bring the conversation to a wider audience online.


Madeline McNamara, Anni Sidey, Owen McCarthy, Roseann McKie, Ella Gilbert, Angela Fouhy, Thomas LaHood, Jo Randerson, Jen McArthur, Freya Sadgrove.

Production History:

This project occupied a shipping container as part of The Performance Arcade 2014 at the New Zealand International Arts Festival.  The results of the initial outreach programme can be found on THE END Ltd. website.