Participation. Celebration. Collaboration.

Grand Opening has been performed at Wellington's Opera House as part of CUBADUPA 2014 and at Auckland's Civic Theatre as part of Auckland Live's Summer in the Square 2018.

Grand Opening

Grand Opening is a site-specific promenade performance that subverts traditional audience and performer roles, showcases undervalued community performing arts voices and gives public access to experience the grandeur of some of New Zealand's great forgotten performance venues.

The experience is characteristically bold and comical: Audiences arrive to see the show but it quickly becomes clear from the ushers that something has gone wrong, and before they know it the groups are whisked on a whirlwind tour of the building's back-end and forgotten spaces. The journey involves a host of collaborators - artists, community groups, eccentrics, outsiders, celebrities - and finishes with the audience themselves presenting the show's Grand Finale.

Give the Barbarians the keys to an iconic venue and watch them turn the place upside down, throw open the doors and let everyone in!