Good Night - The End

"Like a whirlwind I unfurled myself on the universe, I rampaged it. And I let such horror and finality out on anything I came across..."

Three Grim Reapers kill time in their dingy staff kitchen, grappling with the usual questions: “Who used my cup? Why is there never enough Milo? Is there anything to look forward to beyond this miserable present?”

When the audience’s faces are wreathed with smiles in the wake of a 106-minute play about death, something remarkable has clearly happened... provokes all our sensibilities... bemuses, amuses and finally packs a life-affirming punch.
— John Smythe/Theatreview, 2009
Good Night - The End is the new play from Jo Randerson’s theatre company Barbarian, and it bears all the markers of being such: it is funny, it is clever, and it is flipping bizarre. Blending realistic dialogue and bold characters with magical realism and the absurd, Randerson creates a play that is unashamedly comic, rich in character and full of surprises.
— Hannah Smith/Theatreview, 2009


Aaron Cortesi

Thomas LaHood

Felicity McDonnell

Jo Randerson


Glenn Ashworth (production/stage management), Anna Cameron (production), Sean Coyle (design), Janet Dunn (costume design), Andrew Foster (direction), Jonathon Hendry (script advice), Carmel McGlone (performance), Madeline McNamara (performance), Nic McGowan (sound design), Christian Penny (direction)

Production History:

Good Night -The End was written by Jo Randerson.  It received script development funding from CNZ in 2008, with a week long workshop culminating in a rehearsed reading showing.  It then received further CNZ production funding.

Good Night - The End was produced in partnership between Barbarian Productions and Downstage Theatre and premiered at Downstage Theatre, Wellington in 2009.

A documentary film Disappear in Light (2011) was made by independent filmmaker Leonie Reynolds, following the rehearsal and production process of the play.  This film screened in the 2012 Documentary Edge Festival in Wellington and Auckland NZ.