Dress Up Jam


A freewheeling, grassroots show that's all about expressing your theatrical spirit.

The Wig Wam is an open, street-level performance space, where the attendants invite passers-by to to dress up, act up and wig out, or just... whatever!

I think the Barbarian Production Company are creative freedom fighters... they have fostered a community attitude in me, and that’s one carriage of the Freedom Train. Good on you Barbarian Productions.
— Nancy Catherine Fulford, Theatreview 2013


Jo Randerson, Thomas LaHood, Chris Parker, Sam LaHood, Emma Nichols, Melanie Hamilton, Aidan Weekes, Gina Moss, Owen McCarthy, Comfrey Sanders.

Production History:

Dress Up Jam appeared originally (as Wig Wam Jam) during the Wellington Fringe festival in 2013.  Since then it has toured to Auckland (Pick & Mix Festival @ The Edge, 2014), Hamilton Gardens Festival (2015) and the Common Ground Festival in Lower Hutt (2015).