Chittin' and Chattin' with Jo Randerson

An extract from an interview between Jo and Elizabeth Ashby, conducted as part of her Anthropology Hons. research project:

J: Um and so I just kept pursuing that but I think that um perhaps my work always really had an interest in the voice of the outsider, or someone unusual um and I guess the real importance of that voice, that is not the mainstream voice um

E: mmm

J: and I’ve always really enjoyed that in the people I know and in a way I think that term ‘outsider’ is a problematic term because there isn’t really an inside actually

E: yep (laughs)

J: we are all those and freaks, which is always really funny in relation to how National always campaigns that there is a mainstream New Zealand, because

E: yeah

J: yeah, I just think that there actually isn’t

E: mmm