Absolutely Positively Walking!

Ye Olde Horrore Tour/Barry's Bush Trails

Get on your feet and walk! Join Grimmy on a tour of horrors, frights and sites of grisly murder, or follow Barry on a bush walk you'll never forget, featuring strange creatures, survival skills and backyard wildlife.

This double-bill of short, site-specific promenade shows was created specifically to get audiences out of the theatre environment and into the outdoors, sowing the seeds for future projects such as Wig Wam Jam  and Help Us Change!


Thomas LaHood

Jo Randerson

Mel Hamilton

Saran Goldie-Anderson

Harriette Cowan

Brett Skinner

with cameo appearances by:

Sam LaHood, Emma Nichols, Jeremy Randerson, Sophie Dingemans, and Simon Smith.

Production History:

Absolutely Positively Walking won Most Original Production at the Wellington Fringe 2006 and returned later that year in a season supported by the Wellington City Council's Push Play programme.